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Welcome to MY automotive compulsion site!

If you are looking for the South Bay Supply Inc. Corporate site please follow this link to sbspowerquality.com.

If you are looking for info on MG Midgets or Austin Healy Sprites or many other hot rod car topics, you are in the right place. 

The automotive compulsion page is a place where people can study the effects of a person that has been stricken with this horrible disease.  Some of us were bitten at an early age...and there is no hope.  For these people, we must utilize support groups and therapy to try to live with the disease.

Be sure to check out the stuff for sale, my projects, and some of the things I want/need

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Current Focus and Garage Updates - August 2011

Sorry it has been so long, but life certainly has a way of interrupting life's obsessions. My last update, I mentioned that I would try to spend some time in the garage, and try to make some space to make the garage more functional. 

First, I moved from a big garage to a much smaller garage.  Second, I live in a desert and it is not unheard of 130 degrees Fahrenheit being reached in the garage.  Lastly, I have a ton of parts that I have accumulated, and they really needed to be properly stored.

Since my last update....way too long ago, I have been getting rid of things I don't need.  I have tried to organize it better.  I have been getting some of the projects together, which frees up storage space.  And the last thing I have been doing, is actually selling parts on craigslist and ebay.

The selling of products is hard, as I find that I e3nd up needing parts a month or two after I sell something.  I did sell an old 54 Hemi that I have wanted to put into an old 20s touring car, but I realized the finances and the time constraint will not allow that for a long time.

So Check out some photos and I will try to let you know what we have done.

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Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures from other people afflicted with Spridgititis. These are some groups that Discuss Sprites and Midgets
bullet Yahoo Bugeye Group
bullet Yahoo Midget Sprite Group

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