55 Ford Fairlane




1955 Ford Fairlane Club Coupe-

We all know that car guys can rationalize anything, so here it goes.  The Camaro was a great cruise car / date car for my wife and I, but with a child it is a tight fit.  The little one has to crunch her legs up and she keeps kicking at your seat back like crazy.  Soooooooo....the solution is building a bigger car, right?  I thought so.  The result was a fairly clean unfinished project that luckily has not been too badly hacked up.  I bought this for my wife and she told me she felt it was just a way of adding one more car for myself, but anyone that knows me would know that if it was for me, I would have bought a Chevy or a British car.

This is where we started.  The car as I found it in Torrance.  It was not running and the electrical was all jacked up.  Benji at Autorama did a quick electrical fix to get it running.

It is now at home MARCH 2006.

As you can see it needs some love.  I could not get it to run right so I tossed on a brand new Holley that I had in the garage.  It was a 600 electric choke carb, and the car is running much better now.  After that I added brake fluid, adjusted the drums and bled the system.  The car now stops.  It had a wobble in the front, and I noticed that the drivers front hub was 2 full turns loose.  Once the nut was tightened the car lost most of the wobble.

The floors look pretty good and the metal work that was done looks okay.  There is some bondo I found at the drivers side tail that I want to grind out to see how deep it is, and to make sure it was done right before I paint the car.  I really need some side molding's for the car, because I really don't want to shave them if I do not have to.

I have ordered some part to get the car a touch safer, since it will be a family cruise car. 

1) I came up with a basic plan of attack.  The car already runs and drives, it just needs A LOT of love.
  Click here to GO TO THE PLAN

2) The first mechanical change had to deal with making this a safe car for the wife and little one.  SO out comes the front suspension, steering, and brakes.  Click to JUMP TO THE FRONT END, and then be sure to check out the reassembly of the front end, brakes and steering.

3) And years later I get back into the project again. Pulling her out of desert storage



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